We have puppies

We are very happy about our litters "O" & "P" born on 2019-06-15 and 2019-06-29.

Wir freuen uns sehr über unsere "O"- & "P"-Würfe geboren am 15.06.2019 und 29.06.2019.


Highlights 2018

"Tara" Mc Leod's Love Me For Who I Am

Mother: Int. Multichampion Mc Leod's Darling Be Home Soon "Falbala"
Father: Int. Multichampion Mercury Van M

At her first two shows in life she won in style with two CAC, two CACIBS and two BOBs.
she has never been at a show before nor did she see so many dogs at once.
She never was trained to show herself off ... she has a natural talent for it.
It was so nice to be back in the ring after my "baby break". I am looking forward to show her again.

Gewann ihre beiden ersten Shows in ihrem Leben mit CAC, CACIB und BOB (Best of Breed).
Sie wurde nie dazu trainiert, sich zu zeigen. Sie hat ein natürliches Talent dafür und hat sichtlich Spass an der Ausstellung.

"Merel" Mc Leod's Mermaid Merel

Mother: Int. Multichampion Mc Leod's Darling Be Home Soon "Falbala"
Father: Multichampion, Freddie Mercury

One more time CAC to Merel MC Leod's Mermaid Merel on sunday, this time she was old enough to start in intermediate class. We are so proud of both our girls.
They didn't fail to amaze me by their will to show themselves in the ring. We never trained them to do so far, so they both just started and they can only become better along the way. We are very happy.

Sie startete auch an beiden Tagen und gewann jeweils souverän ihre Klasse.
Am Samstag die Jugendklasse und am Sonntag war sie alt genug, um in der Zwischenklasse zu starten
und gewann auch diese mit einem CAC.


Highlights 2016

IHA Geneva, 2016-11-19

This weekend we went to Geneva for one day and our dogs did really well. Like always my sweet Kleopatra gave everything. She loves the ring and she loves to show herself off. And we love her so much! She is a very special Colliegirl to us. The judge thought so too :-). He said she is just so beautiful, no more than this.

She won the CC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED

Her brother Mc Leod's Kindred Spirit was out in the rings for the first time and his performance was not the best but still good enough to receive what he deserves. He got CC and CACIB. I'm really looking forward to go to more shows with this beautiful boy. I believe he couls do really well after some more training.

Last but not least Mc Leod's Freddy Mercury "Freddy" took the CC and the res. CACIB.

I felt very happy to spend a day together with my parents and all those wonderful dogs during this very busy and stressfull period of my life.

On the left hand side Mc Leod's Kindred Spirit "Franky", on the right hand side his litter sister Mc Leod's Kleopatra "Kleo"

IHA Innsbruck, 2016-08-13/14

What a nice show which brought up beautiful memories!

8 years ago we went to our first show outside of Switzerland and I think it was also our second FCI show ever. The judge there in Wels at the first day was Heidi Poschacher. I showed Mercury and he behaved very badly was barking all the time because he wanted to play and I was embarassed and didn't know how to make him stop LOLOLOL he was clearly not behaving well enough to be a winner of anything at that time, but he received the CC not the CACIB though ... tihs is also the first time I met Denis Sabolic and Jadranka Mijatovic. So Denis suggested me to ask Miss Poschacher why she didn't give Mercury the CACIB HE obviusly tough he should have gotten it LOL :-). Miss Poschacher told me that he was not groomed well enough and didn't behave ... from that day on I decided to learn how to groom a dog properly. Denis showed us at the same day how to do it and this was the start of a burning flame ... from this day on I always wanted to become better and better in grooming and presenting my dogs. Motivated by the comment of Miss Poschacher and of course Denis always was an inspiration to me. I am very thankful to everyone who has helped to light the fire in me. I still love grooming and showing and I still want to become better and better. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have enough time but the time will come again and the fire still burns. It's the best to have a passion for something and people and of yourse such beautiful and loving dogs around you who help you to keep the fire burning.

Thank you everyone

By the way here are the results of Mc Leod's Freddy Mercury:
V1, CAC, CACIB, Alpensieger, BOB and BEST OF GROUP

Aarau, 2016-06-18 (NHA) & 2016-06-19 (IHA)

Freddie with his chaotic "Reservehandler": This time with sausage but without a clip, typical chaotic "Reservehandler"

Open Class, Mc Leod's Kleopatra, both days V1 CAC
Champion Class, Mc Leod's Freddie Mercury
Open Class, Mc Leod's Great Pretender

IHA Kreuzlingen, 2016-05-21/22

Mc Leod's Freddy Mercury wins CAC/CACIB/BOB/Alpensieger - and was picked up by a french judge (Sylvie Desserne)!!!
He was under the last 6 dogs in the ring of honour, we are very proud that he was picked up by a french judge.


Highlights 2015

Wels (Austria), 2015-12-05/06

This was our last show in 2015 many beautiful, funny, intense and informative moments are behind us.
Freddie finds a very nice finish by gainig one more time a first place in group one
and our breeding was honoured by winning one time 3th best breeding group
and another time 1st in the breeding groups. What a nice treat for all the hard work.

Dies war unsere letzte Ausstellung im Jahre 2015, viele schöne, lustige, intensive und lehrreiche Momente liegen hinter uns. Freddie, unserem kleinen Shootingstar, gelingt es in Wels erneut,
den 1. Platz in der Gruppe 1 zu erreichen und unsere Zucht wird geehrt, in dem wir an beiden Tagen mit
unserer Zuchtgruppe platziert sind. Am Samstag 3. Platz und am Sonntag 1. Platz.
Eine schöne Belohnung für die harte Arbeit.

Mc Leod's Darling Bee Home Soon

BEST OF BREED for Mc Leod's Freddy Mercury and BEST BITCH for our young girl Mc Leod's Kleopatra.
Many thanks to the judge Zlatko Kraljic for appreciating our dogs.


Mc Leod's Kleopatra

Saturday / Samstag
Mc Leod's Kleopatra: Junior CC und Jugendsieger
Mc Leod's Darling Be Home Soon "Falbala" CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED (champion class)
Mc Leod's Freddie Mercury "Freddie" CAC (champion class)
Breeding group: 3th place

Sunday / Sonntag
Mc Leod's Kleopatra Junior CC, BEST BITCH / BOS
Mc Leod's Darling Be Home Soon "Falbala" CC / CACIB
Mc Leod's Freddie Mercury CC, CACIB, BOB and BEST OF GROUP 1
Breeding group: 1st place
Thank you Denis Sabolic for your contribution to this sucess

Mc Leod's Freddie Mercury

Best Breeding Group


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