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Ein MUSS für jeden Collieliebhaber,
das neu erschienene Buch von Mia Ejerstad:
Der COLLIESTANDARD und dessen Interpretation

A MUST for every collie lover,
the new published book of Mia Ejerstad:
Comments about the COLLIE STANDARD and its Interpretation

What does some of the Dog World's authorities think about the book?

Lynn H. Butler, Paolo Dondina, Vincent Hogan, Javier Sanchez and Rainer Vuorinen have written this:

Most of us have been trained to judge, compete, demand, diagnose and to think in terms of what is 'right' and/or 'wrong' with our Collies. Applying the correct standards as shown in this book, will help to give the breeder a knowledge of what actually constitutes a beautiful expression and correct structure leading to correct movement. The puppies we breed become family for all who add our dogs to their lives - and this book provides us with effective tools to produce sound and healthy Collies. Then we can interpret for ourselves, the kind of dogs we can breed to meet them. "The Collie Standard" - second edition - is written by Mia Ejerstad, a breeder that has shared her own special vision with the world.

LYNN H. BUTLER, Milas Collies, USA. Collie breeder since 1965 and a specialist judge, Lynn has shared her life with Collies. Photographer, exhibiting worldwide, curator of museum exhibitions, author and photographer of books on saving the 'Natural World' as well as works on dogs.

Mia Ejerstad, the extrovert and artistic minded Swedish-Italian lady with strong will power, has again given her contribution to the Dog World. The second edition of her book "The Collie Standard", a fundamental volume for everyone sharing an interest in this marvelous breed, is further proof of her true passion for dogs and for this breed in particular. In this book, an illustrated interpretation of the Collie Standard, whether specialists or not, we can learn so much from Mia.s life long experience as a dedicated Collie breeder, a top professional handler and photographic artist.

Having been in dogs for nearly sixty years I still enjoyed reading this book. Mia shares an abundance of information, clever comments and reflections about this wonderful breed. At my "no more tender. age I felt I have learnt a lot. Well done Mia.

PAOLO DONDINA, Italy. One of Europe's most well known and prestigious all-rounder judges having the privilege to judge BIS at both Crufts and Westminster Dog Show 2011.

This is a very thorough book and a must for real devotees of the breed all over the world. It is written to a depth that has real value to all Collie fanciers and breeders. This is not a "cheap pet book. but a title that gives a real insight into the breed from one of Europe.s top Collie breeders, all breeds handlers and exhibitors.

I have been involved in the publishing and retailing of canine books for many years and can recommend this publication as it takes the breed book to a new level. Having compared the 57 line drawings of Collie types, I felt that even I could judge the breed by the end of the book. This publication will not only be available in OUR DOGS bookshop but it will grace the bookshelves of Collie fanciers worldwide and comes highly recommended.

VINCENT HOGAN, UK. Managing Director and Editor in Chief OUR DOGS Newspaper - www.ourdogs.co.uk

Over the years Mia Ejerstad has seduced and influenced generations of dog lovers with her beauty, talent, and in particular by her professionalism and capacity to transform beautiful dogs into even more beautiful examples of their breed - and above all else, into dogs who expressed their happiness and joy to be by her side. In this second edition of "The Collie Standard" Mia is reflecting, with a great precision - anchored even deeper in her sublime maturity - over her breed-at-heart. With in-depth knowledge, she is opening a new door on how to interpret the standard for an even more profound understanding of this wonderful breed. A breed that, like many others, has changed much in type during the last few years. A publication like this, executed with great sense and passion, must surely be welcomed by all in the dog world.

JAVIER SANCHEZ, Spain. Cinologist, breeder, journalist, author of books and thousands of articles on dogs worldwide. International FCI senior all breeds judge in 60 countries of the five continents.

Mia is an unusual multi talented person and brilliant example of the last century.s young dog people; a true Scandinavian, eager to learn everything about pure bred dogs, a second generation Collie breeder, a professional handler of the very highest level and an artist with an extraordinary sense for form and balance. She possesses all the love, intelligence and experience to understand the elusive quality and to explain the finer points of the Collie breed standard.

Having learnt from the great breeders of the past in the UK, bred and shown Collies since 1956 and judged them around the world since 1966, I thought that our lovely breed was lost to some peculiar animals during these last dark decades. But the news of this wonderful and unique book on the Collie standard, rekindles the hopes and dreams within all of us, helping us to understand and work once again to see the Collie as the King of Dogdom in its full splendor. "The Collie Standard" is an essential book in the library of every Collie breeder, new and old, and all Collie judges. Thank you Mia for this great service to our magnificent breed.

RAINER VUORINEN, Finland. One of the world's most renowned and respected breed specialists and all-rounder judges.

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