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We took some pictures of the puppies last week. They stood on a table for the first time in their life. We are very very happy with both litters.

Holy's litter has exceptional well bodies, their daddy Mabruck passed on his super front and back angulations... Both parents of course contributed to the wonderful puppies but we are very happy with the "results".

Beauty's puppies go back on Multi Champion Van M Mercury The Biggest Star (who is the sire of many litters all over Europe and father of many successful kids) on both sides of the Pedigree so they look different. They carry big coats and they are very lively puppies.

We post pictures of all the puppies here also of the ones which are already sold. Some are still available. If you are interested you can contact us trough facebook or trough info@americancollies-switzerland.ch where you will also be able to find our phone numbers.