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International Champion Van-M Holy Moly (Holy)

Holy at february 2011


Approved by the Swiss Collie Club (SCC, member of FCI)
at Moncor (Switzerland)


Mac Van-M See The Vision
Van-M Curfew


Holy's pedigree


Won awards

1x Winner in juvenile class
1x CH-CAC / 1x Res.-CAC
1x A-CAC
3x CACIB / 1x Res.-CACIB
2x BOB

Pictures and results


Holy Moly at the day of her arrival in our home at
the age of 12 weeks
Playing with Missy and Mercury in the garden
Holy at the age of 6 ...
... and 9 months
Holy with Mercury as a synchronous pair
Amicable side by side
after the pet obedience school
After primary abstinence Holy has learnt
to treasure the water
No fear of contact with snow,
on the contrary!
In the warming winter sun ...

Holy at august 2009